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The Spark Anomaly

The Fisher Chronicles: 2067

Print, Ebook, Audiobook


“What happens when 2 earthquakes occur 42 minutes apart in Chili and China?” 

Answer: The end of the world. 

As Arnold Spark, drives his rescue vehicle across the magma lake toward the destroyed volcanic generator’s intake pipe, he wonders if his design is to blame for the catastrophe.  Spark searches the globe for the truth aided by: 

  • Soona, a lonely robot living on the moon, who must escape her cruel human captors to search for answers on the comet Charybdis;

  • Helen, a bereaved widow, who blames Spark for her husband’s death; 

  • And Cathy, a shy college student who is oblivious to Spark's quest, but solves his disguised homework problems as her brilliant solutions are the key to saving humanity

The Spark Anomaly is a thrilling Sci-Fi adventure novel set in a 2067 utopia with a hidden dark side.  You will enter an amazing world of future technologies and believable advances in modern physics.

“...Indiana Jones [style] action/adventure...  good, solid s/f… with characters we relate to and care about... Cathy and the housekeeping robots made me laugh out loud.”

- Star Trek novelist Margaret W Bonanno


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Future Technologies

I tried to include roughly one new technology in every scene of The Spark Anomaly and its planned sequels. When I started, I thought I would run out of new ideas, but so far, technological invention has been the easiest part of the writing process...


Anechoic Library

The anechoic library is an example of a technology designed by a fictional professor with a terrible business plan...


Lee Tree Buildings

Given the recent discovery of extreme high tensile strength materials such as graphene and nano-tubes it doesn’t take a genius to realize that office buildings of the future will have a dramatically different look and structure...

Prena's Eye

The Fisher Chronicles: 1998

Print, Ebook, Audiobook

In the beginning God was bored...

Bob Fisher designs NASA software to predict what life might be like on a gas giant, and inadvertently creates a world:

  • where sentient beings have evolved after millions of simulated generations; 

  • where exotic creatures swim in a thick alien atmosphere

  • where a tyrannical Bishop oppresses a noble Garn population;

  • where a simple programming error is considered a holy magical artifact;

Follow Tritarb's adventures across space and time to an unknown wilderness where he struggles to reconcile his scientific mindset and atheistic beliefs with the existence of a god-like stranger who can control life and death, but can't comprehend his language.


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Author's Note

In the summer of 1986, when I was young, cocky and naive, I wrote my own evolution program...

Origin of the Preen Orb

In 1978 I attended an electronics tradeshow with my father and saw an Apple II computer displaying a collage of overlapping colored boxes.  Every second or so, the computer added a new rectangle in a vibrant color display; much more impressive than the low resolution black and white graphics of Radio Shack’s TRS-80...


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