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Jeff primarily writes in the science fiction genre, but he is in the process of co-authoring his first fantasy novel with his daughter, Kayla. Jeff’s first novel, Prena’s Eye, is based on a project he developed when he was a NASA contractor.  Some of the technologies and inventions mentioned in The Spark Anomaly were inspired by Jeff’s real-world inventions.

As an author, inventor, engineer, entrepreneur, and business executive, Jeff has developed more than 25 patents and has expertise in the fields of computer graphics, computer vision, satellite communications, antenna design, spacecraft architectures, software architectures, artificial intelligence, and more.

After completing his PhD at the University of Maryland, Jeff founded Animated Communications, which is where he designed the national award-winning 3-D Choreographer, the world’s first commercial 3-D character-based animation software package.

Jeff then co-founded RKF Engineering, a space industry-leading supplier of systems engineering services. RKF recently spun-off Kythera, which designs satellite resource management software for the world’s largest satellite operators. Jeff serves as Kythera’s CEO and RKF’s CTO.

Jeff lives in Maryland with his wife Mara and his three children: Kayla, Mason, and Alexander. In his free time… who are we kidding… Jeff has no free time!

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